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Recurring on INSTANT MOM on NickJr
Guest Star on KIRBY BUCKETS - on Disney XD
'Lovesick' Carsen stars opposite Matt LeBlanc in this Romantic Comedy.
'The Measure of a Man' released on DVD, Netflix, Amazon and in stores! (click to watch trailer)
Lead in famous Doritos Super Bowl Spot - 'Sling Baby' (click to watch commercial)
Hyundai Super Bowl Spot - "Team" Lead -famous line "Come back when you have a team."(click to watch commercial)

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About Carsen Warner


Carsen is a professional TV/film actor located in the Los Angeles area. He has a passion for acting. Carsen loves comedy and enjoys making people laugh. He is also excellent at drama.

Carsen is recognized from his lead roles in two successful Super Bowl commercials. In Doritos "Sling Baby" he is the bratty kid taunting his grandmother and baby brother only to have grandma sling the baby through the air and snags the Doritos. In Hyundai "Team" Carsen steals the football and says the now famous line "Come back when you have a team.".

Carsen has worked on various TV and film projects including a lead role opposite Matt LeBlanc in the film LOVESICK. He is recurring on Nickelodeon's INSTANT MOM and recently filmed a guest star role on Disney XD's KIRBY BUCKETS. Carsen has also worked on various voice over projects.

Carsen has performed twice for Noah Wyle's The Blank Theater's Young Playwrights Festival with each role is considered their most difficult child roles in their 22 year history. In 2012, Carsen was "Tick the Whistler" who only spoke through whistling and in 2013 he was Sam in "Sam's Birthday" playing 5 different characters. In "Sam's Birthday" he was an abused boy who ran away to celebrate his birthday on his own with imaginary friends, all the while his father gets closer to finding him. There wasn't a dry eye in the house! It is an honor for Carsen to be a part of the Young Playwrights Festival.

Carsen is like any other boy, he loves video games, techno dancing, air-softing and hanging out with his friends. He can whistle tunes like Mario Bros. theme song and loves to snow ski. He currently trains in stunts such as; jumps and falls, rock rappelling and weapons fighting for the camera.

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Production Photos


Carsen Warner, Director Luke Matheny

Carsen Warner


Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tylen Williams, Carsen Warner on episode "Children of the Candy Corn"

Tylen Williams, Carsen Warner


image Joshua Rush, Adam Hochstetter, Sean Ryan Fox, Carsen Warner

image Adrian Grenier, Adam Hochstetter, Joshua Rush, Sean Ryan Fox, Carsen Warner

Young Playwright Festival - "Sam's Birthday"

image Carsen as an abused Sam who has a pretend birthday party acting out five different characters in a world he wished he had.


image Carsen Warner

image Damarr Calhoun, Tylen Williams, Carsen Warner

Hyundai Super Bowl 2013

image Carsen steals the football "Come back when you have a team."

Filming Doritos "Sling Baby"

Bratty boy teasing his grandma and baby brother over Doritos.


Director Frank Darabont, Carsen Warner

Carsen Warner, River Alexander and Parris Mosteller on the set of "L.A. Noir" pilot episode.

Young Playwright Festival - "Scrapbook"

Carsen as Tick who communicates only through whistling and his banjo.

Young Playwright Festival - "Scrapbook"

Carsen as Tick giving advice through whistling.


image Carsen sitting in the heater tent. Working in Hollywood 'rain' at night.
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